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Article: How To Order A Gift Package

How To Order A Gift Package

Placing your order directly on our website comes with a lot of perks, with the biggest being that you’ll enjoy a fast and seamless shopping experience. 

Here are the five (5) easy steps to follow:

Step 1

Visit Website

Log on to from your browser. From the sidebar menu at the top left, tap ‘Gifts’ to view the various categories of products.


Step 2

Add to Bag

From the side bar menu, select ’Gift Items’ and scroll through to select the product(s) you would like to purchase. Once you spot an item you love, add the product to your bag. Repeat this for all the products you wish to purchase.

Step 3

Select Packaging 

After adding the desired gift item(s) to your bag, from the side bar menu, tap ‘Packaging’ and select one by adding it to your bag. When selecting your desired packaging, you may choose to leave instructions on how you want your order packaged.

Step 4

Add Card/Note 

If you wish to add a greeting card or note to your order, tap on either of these options from the sidebar menu and add the desired choice to your bag.

Step 5


Tap the bag icon at the top right to view all items in your bag, once you’ve confirmed all items, proceed to checkout and enter the delivery info. Afterwards, proceed with payment to validate your order, you may decide to skip paying with your card by rather paying via bank transfer. Once your payment is processed, your order will be packaged and delivered to your address.

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